Smart Use of Social Media During Divorce

Social media is a now a ubiquitous means of personal communication. On smartphones, tablets and computers, individuals, businesses, and governments stay connected via online media. During a divorce, cautious use of social media is required. Here’s why.

In 2010, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) surveyed its members, and more than 80 percent reported an uptick in their use of social media, particularly Facebook, during divorce proceedings. Information used in contested divorce matters includes:

  • Unfortunate photographs rebutting the character or financial circumstance of a party to a divorce action
  • Online statements that disparage a spouse or child
  • Comments between friends that identify questionable or illegal behavior

In a new survey, the AAML released 2013 data indicating the trend in obtaining divorce evidence from online resources continues. In addition to Facebook, attention is now turned to online dating websites like Potentially damaging information includes:

  • Failing to indicate an individual is married
  • Failing to mention responsibility for children
  • Providing inaccurate income or other financial information

Sharing the ups and downs of life with friends and family is expected during divorce. Unfortunately, virtually anything you share, text or tweet could become evidence in a divorce or custody matter.

Even during an amicable divorce, a spouse who learns that a partner is seeing someone else can alter the atmosphere of important divorce negotiations concerning finances and parenting time.

Divorce is difficult. If you use social media, keep a low profile so it doesn’t affect your future. When you have questions, speak with a skilled New York family law attorney.

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