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The Heart of the Matter? Try the Hard Drive

Social media searches often provide electronic evidence in divorce cases — but make sure not to overlook the hard drive. While Internet infidelity leaves its footprints in chat rooms and email, information essential to your divorce matter could also reside on a home or business computer. New York follows a rule of equitable distribution. This… Read More »

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

Paternity is the legal term for determining the father of a child. In New York, when parents are married at the time a child is born, the husband is presumed to be the father. Parents can also establish paternity through a voluntary, signed acknowledgement, or, when there is disagreement, through a court order. Whether the… Read More »

Study Suggests Divorce is Contagious

The flu isn’t the only thing families should watch out for this season. According to a new study from Brown University, divorce may also be contagious. Research by Brown University political science professor Rose McDermott, and colleagues from Harvard University and the University of California, San Diego, shows that divorce spreads through social networks like… Read More »

Collecting Overdue Child Support

Child support can be an essential part of a divorce or custody arrangement, but sometimes obtaining the initial order for support is only half the battle. Even after a support order is issued, many parents fail to pay, miss payments or stop paying over time. Child support enforcement is key to ensuring your children benefit… Read More »

Modification of an Order/Judgment of Divorce in New York

So much can change after a divorce. Ex-spouses may remarry, obtain new jobs or promotions, lose income, or relocate. The needs of children may change or be affected by their parent’s decisions. When circumstances change significantly after a divorce, it is time to seek a modification. Modification of child custody Parents and children can face… Read More »

Domestic Violence in Divorce and Orders of Protection

Domestic violence is a serious — sometimes deadly — problem for family and household members in New York and across the United States. Such violence can include all types of abuse, including physical, sexual, psychological, emotional and financial. In New York, a domestic violence victim can file a petition in Family Court for an order… Read More »

Terminating Parental Rights in New York

There are certain circumstances under which it may be appropriate to terminate parental rights. In fact, in Westchester County and throughout New York, termination of parental rights may be either voluntary or involuntary. A parent may voluntarily relinquish his or her parental rights in order to allow the child to be adopted by a stepparent… Read More »

How Does Domestic Violence Affect My Child Custody Arrangement in New York?

Family courts treat domestic violence claims seriously. A history of domestic violence involving parents, children or other relatives can greatly influence the outcome of a custody dispute. According to New York laws, domestic violence is defined as any physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically or economically abusive behavior among two or more people in an intimate relationship…. Read More »

Should You and Your Partner Obtain a Nuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are legal contracts that future or current spouses sign in order to predetermine estate division and other issues in the event that the couple divorces. While it may seem counterintuitive to discuss the prospect of divorce with a fiancé or new spouse, it is important to consider your future and how… Read More »

Married Same-Sex Couples May Be Able to Re-marry Without Divorce — at Least in North Dakota

Even though same-sex marriage became a reality in New York in 2011, the laws of other states differ in terms of rights and recognition, with federal laws adding another layer of complexity. In other words, if you marry in New York, your legal standing can change in many ways if you move across state lines…. Read More »