Protecting Your Time With Your Child

When you are facing divorce, it can be highly emotional and overwhelming. However, in most cases, divorcing couples should negotiate and create a visitation agreement, rather than leave it up to the court to decide. Even if other areas of your divorce are contentious, it is essential to remember that the visitation agreement is where both parents should be flexible for the benefit of their children. With joint planning, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can develop a plan that meets the best interests of your children.

New York visitation agreements outline the schedule of when you and your ex-spouse each spend time with your children. Your agreement can address how to handle communication, the procedure for picking up and delivering the children and any other matters you want to agree upon. Issues you may want to address in your visitation agreement are:

  • Amount of time each parent should have with the child
  • Rules for scheduling activities during a visitation period
  • Any special dietary restrictions for the child
  • Medications the child must take and the schedule for administering the drugs
  • Visitation rights of the grandparents and other relatives
  • Plan for the child’s education
  • Steps to be taken to create a child-friendly home
  • Scheduling summer vacations
  • How holidays are to be handled

A knowledgeable family law attorney can help you create a manageable visitation agreement that works for your family’s individual circumstances. If your life circumstances change, your lawyer can also assist with modifying the terms of your visitation agreement. If your ex-spouse fails to live up to the terms set forth in the agreement, your lawyer can seek enforcement from the court. It is vital to work with an attorney experienced in handling all types of issues related to divorce and visitation.

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