Helping to Protect Special Needs Children During a Divorce

Issues unique to special-needs kids in divorce

Divorce can turn anyone’s life upside-down, but when you factor in the added responsibilities borne by parents of a special-needs child, the anxiety expands exponentially. Lauren B. Abramson, Esq., who has a master’s degree in social work, understands the challenges you face and works tirelessly to ensure the needs of your child are met.

Long-term planning for your special-needs child

Many issues arise during the divorce of parents with a special-needs child, including:

  • Who will act as guardian of the child while he or she is a minor?
  • What will happen to the child after age 21?
  • What will happen to the child after the custodial parent dies or becomes incapacitated?
  • Where will the money come from to provide the special care the child requires?
  • What if the parent who has visitation rights can’t be relied on to get the child to medical appointments or to administer medication?

The attorney and staff at the law offices of Lauren B. Abramson work with you to address your concerns and to develop a long-term plan for your child.

Visitation agreements with a special-needs child

Some special-needs children do not adapt well to a traditional visitation schedule, which often calls for the child to stay at the noncustodial parent’s house on weekends and school holidays. Children with autism spectrum disorders, for example may react negatively to such changes in environment. The staff and attorney at the law offices of Lauren B. Abramson have the training and experience to address the issues of special-needs children in a divorce.

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